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25 Червня 2014 12:34

“Shynok – kosa nad charkoyu” (“Scythe over goblet”) – a journey through time

With Ukrainian hospitality we have honor to introduce you to the updated “stravopys” (menu) “Shynok – kosa nad charkoyu” (“Scythe over goblet”). Shynok is located near the center of the capital city of Kyiv, 7 km from Khreschatyk Street, the hole from which originates the legendary river Lybid in the territory of Cossack Settlement “Mamaeva Sloboda”.

Updated “stravopys” (menu) “Shynok – kosa nad charkoyu” (“Scythe over goblet”) has about 150 dishes and alcoholic drinks reproduced according to old recipes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine of Middle Ages.

We were also curious: what and how did they eat? How did they serve? What plates did our ancestors Cossacks, peasants and nobility have back in XVII-XVIII centuries? That is why preparing the update menu, we made a little historical research on the glorious day of the Cossacks and found about 500 different recipes, alcoholic drinks and treats the majority of which are little known even in the names to a wide range of Ukrainians. We also doubt that the experts of Ukrainian local colouring due to certain historical circumstances have an idea of the taste and appearance of these ancient dishes: shpundra , teterya , vereshchaka , solomakha , scherba , khlyaky , lemishko , szulyk and zagreb, varenukha , zapikanka, chykyldyha or verguny ? Even for ear of modern Ukrainian these names sound a bit strange. Unfortunately, few of the modern Ukrainians eaten or heard something about these and dozens of other dishes with fanciful names, delicious food and alcoholic “trunkiv” of Cossack’s country? So firmly as Cossacks we want to assure you that the Naddiprianska cuisine of Cossack era is very distinctive and archaic, because there are just few borrowings from neighboring Ukraine nations. Let’s agree, gentlemen, that the civilization of any people known by the culture feast. We have to show Europe! Our ancestors – Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and the nobility, could well drink, walk, have a good crease … so visiting the “Shynok – kosa nad charkoyu” (“Scythe over goblet”) that is at “Mamayeva Sloboda “, you will not only find unique interiors recreated by restoration drawings , artwork and prints of the Middle Ages , but make sure to face in the Naddniprianzhyna Ukrainian cuisine is a considerable number of recipes that have no counterparts in other nations, which confirms the millennial antiquity of their origin. This is not surprising, because the Dnieper is the ” cradle ” generic Cossack territory. Thus, there is a unique technology of cooking Ukrainian cuisine. Our forefathers cooked and baked dishes in the oven. The atmosphere is complemented by equally original dishes which were served to the table a variety of dishes and drinks. To the historic journey was really a journey , all meals are served at the table reproduced by authentic samples of clay and blown container. The names of dishes also impress you with: bears, markets dzbany, kegs, damask , plates, twins , styabla , charger, Mykhailyk and delivery . So it was very hard on this half of the thousand list of dishes to choose more than one hundred and fifty to you, your relatives, godfathers and friends were able to make a small journey through time. Welcome to “Shynok – kosa nad charkoyu” (“Scythe over goblet”)!

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