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Cherry broth (compote)


One of the oldest traditional drinks on the terrotory of Ukraine. It was made similarly to uzvar (compote with dried fruit). Several handfulls of dried cherries were added to spring water. The pot was placed to the oven and then they let it boil. After that they took out the pot and sweetened bright red broth with some sugar or honey. Then they cool it down in the cellar and served it. In the summer they used to add some “Lid” to the cherry broth. “Lid” was the ice taken in winter from the stream with a clear spring water. The ice was shaped in big pieces and preserved in special cellars-freezers. To prevent the melting of the ice they covered it with thick layers of straw. So, even in far medieval ages during the hottest harvest times Ukrainian children could mix the ice with thick cherry broth and could practically get fruit ice-cream. Our ancestors Ukrainian Cossacks used to call such a medieval ice-cream “Lid” (ice).

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