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Varenukha is noble ancient drink of our ancestors. Not just Hetmans but also Cossack’s majors (Sotnyky) and of course minor Cossacks and gentry also drank took these drink.

The cooking recipe is following: they took  considerable pot feeled with dried apples, pears, fig, raisins, cherries, plums; they sprinkled it with red and black pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaves and other spices; they pured it with linden honey and strong gorilkf (Pervak​​). The pot (makitra) was covered with lid, they stuck it with rye dough for 12 hours and put it to the oven to faint.  When cooked gorilka was ready and all people gathered at the table, they shynok keeper tlook the pot (makitra) out of the oven using special stick (rogach), slowly took the plug off the baked bread crust. Meanwhile varenukha could ignite with blue flame.Cossacks friendly giggled pointing at firing “Lucifer drink”, because the only true knight could overpower the hell Cossack brew. Russians (moskali) or Poles (liakhy) definitely would be twisted in the ram’s horn of varenukha. Varenukha was not poured but was  scatteredwith special tools (koriachky) onto the mags.

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