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Zhaivoronky (biscuits)


Holiday ritual food of our ancestors. It is mainly prepared for a holiday “Forty Saints” (March 22). Our ancestors believed that on this day of Vyriy to their Motherland returned 40 different species of birds. Cookies were baked in the shape of birds with beak and wings, tails and combs. Often they placed it on the steering wheel as if to nest or attached to a cherry twigs. Eyes of these birds were made of raisins or snowball berries. Cookies were poured with honey or sugar glaze. Also hostess strung ” birds” on cherry twigs and baked them well, then they gave them to the neighbor’s kids. In different regions of Ukraine these cookies were called in many ways, mostlt these were names of birds such as ‘larks’, ‘storks’, ‘forties’, ‘fowls’, ‘birds’.

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