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Non-alcoholic beer


The tradition to have beer in Ukraine goes back to prehistoric times. At Cossack period it was an honor for every prosperous man to have his own pyvovarnya (Ukrainian word “pyvo” means beer) or brovarnya (in medieval times Ukrainians used to call so breweries). Therefore every noblemen or prosperous Cossack was keeping the exclusive recipes of his grandparents and these secrets of brewing were transfered from generation to generation. In most cases every family had several recipes. The prosperity of the owner was determined by the quantity of kinds of beer which he proposed to try while treating his guests.

In 24 km from Kiev there is an ancient Cossack town of Brovary. The name of the town derives from a big quantity of brovarnyas (breweries) as well as brovar was a man who brewed beer. The first documentary reminiscence about the town of brewers dates back 1628. So, the town of Brovary may be truly considered the capital of brewers of Ukraine because according to the documentary evidence it was the first written reminiscence about industrial brewing on the Cossack lands of Kyiv.

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