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Kruchenyky with sheep milk cheese


Ancient Ukrainian traditional dish of thin slices of slightly salted and peppered pork. The thin piece of fresh sucking pig meat was covered with the piece of butter and grated brynza (sheep milk cheese). The meat was tightly rolled up and fried on both sides on lard or sunflower oil. Then meat rolls were put in one layer on the high edged brass plate and sauced with the grease on which they had been fried. They usually also added kvass (kind of sour fermented drink) or whey (the watery liquid that separates from the curd when the milk is clotted, as in making cheese) and stewed it in the stove. The liquid didn’t have to boil away. The meat rolls could be watered with the broth in which they had been stewed just not to let them get too dry. They were served together with boiled potatoes and salted cucumbers, cabbage or tomatoes.

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